Friday, 30 August 2013

Happy Husbands Day

Today I've been browsing through Jen's posts over at Altered Type.  I've enjoyed reading her blog and it's varieties of topics!  The best thing I came across though was this - her newly invented (last year!) Happy Husbands Day to replace Fathers Day!

The timing is perfect.  This Sunday is Fathers Day and we are having all the family around to our place in the evening to celebrate with my father this special day.  I am definitely going to do something for Dave during the day.

Earlier this year, on Mothers Day, we were pregnant with our child whom we eventually lost at 12 weeks.  He gave me with the most beautiful card and present for what we had hoped was going to be the first of many Mothers Day.  It was just wonderful.  I was so excited and heartwarmed by it.  My first Mothers Day.

I had my fingers crossed that I could do the same for him this Sunday.  But we received the news Wednesday that our last embryo didn't take.

I am so grateful to have read Jen's post today so that I could something for Dave and begin this new tradition for us a family of two.  At this point, I'm not feeling anything about Mothers and Fathers Day celebrations one way or another.  Maybe I never will.  Maybe it won't ever be a problem for me.  But I do love the idea of celebrating my husband, of celebrating our union.  Particularly at this time in our infertility journey. 

Does anyone else do something to celebrate their family of two?
As a childless/free couple, do Mothers and Fathers Days affect you?


  1. I'm a bit late to this, but this is often a topic of conversation. We tend to ignore Mother's and Father's Day ... other than doing something special with my husband's parents. And often we will arrange either to do something at home with them, or if we are going out, we'll do it the day before. But we do plenty to celebrate our lives with each other - and perhaps that is one of the things about not having children. We have the time and the focus to be able to do that.

    1. This is often a topic of conversation on other blogs, Mali? Is it about the difficulties of Fathers/Mothers Days or other ways to celebrate them?

      I like the idea of having time to celebrate your lives together. That's a warming thought. :):)


  2. We do that. We just call it "our" day, but I like the sound of Husband's Day or Wife's Day.

    1. I do too Savannah! The thought of giving each other something special on those days and showing how grateful we are for each other brings a smile to my face. :):)