Wednesday, 23 October 2013

More books, websites and an Australian author!

It's been a while since I posted because I have been caught up with other areas of childless reading.  After finishing the two books I listed earlier, I finished reading Miriams book and began "Jody Day's Rocking The Life Unexpected."  I joined both her Gateway Woman site hosted through google plus as well as Lisa Manterfields "Life Without Baby" community.  Both of these sites have taken up all my spare time as I got a feel for them and eventually started posting.

It took me a little while, but now after reading 4 books about peoples stories, I am finally ready to start the therapeutic exercises. I have enrolled in Lisa Manterfields Road Map to Healing Group and have completed the week one questions.  And I have done exercise one and two in Jody's book.  Both have been really helpful and I'm looking forward to continuing with the exercises and communicating with the other women doing Lisa's group.

I considered posting my response to Jody's exercise one, but I think I will just keep that to myself for now.

Does anyone know of any blogs that are talking about Jody's exercises?

Another book I came across is:

I started reading it and realised that at the moment, I just need to focus on the Lisa's and Jody's work material.  Anymore is just overwhelming me.
Except then I found this one - an Australian author - and I am so excited.
I can't wait to read a childless book by an Australian author!!!!  I mentioned in a previous post about how I was really noticing the differences in my experiences compared to what others have experienced in different cultures.  I can't wait to read her book for the Aussie perspective.  I wonder if it will be different??

She wrote this article for the Sydney Morning Herald after a politican used the word "childless" as an insult to one of his opponents.  And apparently he hasn't been the only one.
Click here for the article

On a personal note, our anniversary weekend was fabulous!!  We stayed in a hotel in the city for the night, started with champagne in our room, then to the cocktail bar, then went out for dinner.  After dinner we went to some wine bars and walked the strip seeing the sites. 
In the morning, we started with champagne for breakfast (!) and then headed to the Pancake Kitchen.  After that we did some shopping, lay on the grass by the river for an hour or so, had lunch and then headed home. 
We had a great time and we definitely be doing something like that again!  A tradition has started!


  1. All the best for your anniversary! And yes - new beautiful traditions are always good.

    I am courious about your opinion on Aussie book.

    Have a lovely day!

    1. I haven't gotten the book yet because the download link didn't work. I might actually have to buy it in paperback!! :) But I will let you know what I think when as I read it.

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  3. What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary! Turning it into a tradition sounds so good. I suppose our tradition is going to the cabin near our wedding anniversary (either shortly before or after). :-D

    I've heard that some politicians are called names because of their non-mother status, but I've never heard it happen in Finland (or at least not that I know of).

    And same as Klara, I'd like to know your opinion on Gillian's book as well. Unfortunately I don't know any blogs that talk about Jody's exercises. But woman, you've been so busy indeed! :-)

    1. I sometimes wonder if I'm overdoing it with the reading and writing, Amel. I'm just finding that I really want to thoroughly understand this whole issue and know how I fit into the demographic. And I'm finding knowing how I don't fit into the standard mould is helping understand my situation just as much!!

    2. It's good to be busy when you're finding out stuff about yourself and when its helping you understand your situation. :-) In the beginning of my IF journey myself, I read hundreds and hundreds of IF blogs, so I can relate to that. :-)

  4. I hope you will come across a book that will move you to the point of not being able to put it down; because it will be one that will make a difference in your life. In time.

    Your anniversary celebration was fabulous!

    1. Thanks Anita. Lovely to hear from you!

  5. I was the same way at the beginning of both my pg loss & childless journeys... just devouring any information I could lay my hands or eyes on. I seem to remember Pamela (Silent Sorority/Coming2Terms) featuring the Australian author some time ago. I forgot about her book, will have to see if it's available through Amazon! I do have "In Her Own Sweet Time" in my gargantuan to-read pile... so many books, so little time...!

    I am just in the middle of reading Jody Day's book myself & am liking it a LOT. It's still very new and in e-book versions only -- paperback still to come -- so perhaps there will be more people blogging about it a little further down the road. The Gateway Women community might be a good place to ask that question, since presumably they are all familiar with Jody & the book there. :) I may eventually write about some of the questions/exercises in my blog, but no time at the moment. :(

    Glad you had a great anniversary! :)